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Within the DES branches, one is intended to support eligible families with some of their child care cost. Please visit your local DES office or their website, in order to get more information in regards this subsidy.

Some forms are made available for your convenience, nonetheless, it is always suggested to visit DES website directly to obtain any possible updated forms.

DES also offers "Early Intervention" Service provided to the public, at no cost, please see the form attached.


Enrollment Forms

Department of Economic Security (DES)

As a part of your child's enrollment, below are the forms we require as a program:

* Emergency Card Form required by the Department of Health, childcare branch.

* Child's Immunization records

* Child's birth certificate

* Program's Contract

* Parent's Handbook

* Parents' ID

* Meal benefit form (CACFP) This form is required to be on file, and does not qualify or disqualify any child from receiving meals at our program, regardless the child's economic status.

* Best of Care form (for teachers to get to know your child better)

**** All Forms must be complete and turned in every Wednesday of the week prior to your child starting school. Ours to turn forms in Monday through Wednesday until 11 am. Incomplete packages will not be accepted. Enrollment fee is due upon enrollment****

Ages we serve

We provide services for children aged 2-5 years old at Tree of Life Preschool Academy. Our primary software for processing tuition is High Mama.

Upon enrollment, parents can activate their account to make payments, view account balances, and communicate with their child's educator.


Currently, we offer various discounts including siblings, South Mountain Community College students (proof of enrollment required), South Mountain Community College employees (proof of employment required), Tree of Life Educator Discount, and scholarships available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more information about our fees, please contact us.



Parental Literature & Resources

From the moment a child is born, the care, attention, love, interactions, and support they receive form the building blocks for their future. At Tree of Life, we highly value establishing a solid foundation in Early Childhood Education. We not only emphasize the importance of best ECE practices for our educators, but also recognize the crucial role played by parents and primary caregivers in shaping their children's lives.

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