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Within the DES branches, one is intended to support eligible families with some of their child care cost. Please visit your local DES office or their website, in order to get more information in regards this subsidy.

Some forms are made available for your convenience, nonetheless, it is always suggested to visit DES website directly to obtain any possible updated forms.

DES also offers "Early Intervention" Service provided to the public, at no cost, please see the form attached.


Enrollment Forms

Department of Economic Security (DES)

As a part of your child's enrollment, below are the forms we require as a program:

* Emergency Card Form required by the Department of Health, childcare branch.

* Child's Immunization records

* Child's birth certificate

* Program's Contract

* Parent's Handbook

* Parents' ID

* Meal benefit form (CACFP) This form is required to be on file, and does not qualify or disqualify any child from receiving meals at our program, regardless the child's economic status.

* Best of Care form (for teachers to get to know your child better)

**** All Forms must be complete and turned in every Wednesday of the week prior to your child starting school. Ours to turn forms in Monday through Wednesday until 11 am. Incomplete packages will not be accepted. Enrollment fee is due upon enrollment****

Ages we serve

We serve children 2-5 years old.

Tree of Life Preschool Academy uses as their primary software to process tuition is: Smart care. Parents can activate their account upon enrollment, make payments, see account balances and communicate with your child's educator.

Currently we offer the following discounts: siblings, South Mountain Community College students (proof of enrollment required), South Mountain Community College Employees (proof of employment required), Tree of Life Educator Discount, and also scholarships are available on first come, first serve basis.

Please call us to get more information about our fees.


Parental Literature & Resources

From the day a child is comes to this world, the care, attention, love, interactions with others and support they experience lays the foundation for their future. At Tree of Life, we believe it is predominant to lay a strong foundation in Early Childhood Education and the importance of best ECE best practices, not only for our educators to know about, but for our you, the parents, the primary care providers who have a very important role in your children's lives.

Helpful links


Caring for your toddlers:


Early Years Articles from the NAEYC


Supporting Health and Development


Birth to Five Helpline


Phoenix Public Library (on Campus)



What do other families say about us?

I cannot say enough about the staff at Tree of Life Preschool Academy from the teachers and support staff to the directors and owners, they all truly care for each child. My son started attending just after he turned one and he is almost 3.5. He has had 4 teachers in that span all of whom have made positive impacts on his learning emotionally and cognitively. He has learned everything from table manners and cleaning to colors and counting. He continues to come home with nearly learned curriculum. He has made a tight group of "buddies" and looks forward to going to "school".  The staff had always kept me informed of how he's doing in his class and checks in if he is having a rough morning when I drop him off. Again, there is not enough great things I can say about the care that is provided.

Germaine Donom


My son has been attending Tree of Life Preschool Academy for almost a year. This is the second day care he has been through in his short two years - and he has loved Tree of Life. He is excited to get dropped off in the morning and talks about his teachers and friends all day long. I have been impressed by the personal and attentive nature of all of the staff, and the outpouring of genuine love they have for my son. The preschool is clean and filled with educational toys and activities that appeal to young children. The children spend time both indoors and outdoors on the playground. My son is always smiling when I pick him up and does his round of goodbyes as we leave for the day. I can tell he is well taken care of. I have recommended Tree of Life to many local friends and know it has been integral in my son's learning and social development. 

Kristin Hoffner



Our family is so grateful for having found Tree of Life. Our son has learned much more than just letters and numbers- he's learned how to be a kind and conscientious member of a community, because this is what he has modeled every day in his classroom. We would highly recommend Tree of Life to anyone who wants a well-rounded education for their young child in a setting where every child is treasured.

Alexandra Contrades




Tree of Life has been the only daycare I’ve taken my son. From the day the facility opened and he was 8 months old, ToL staff have provided a safe and nurturing environment. He is now three and doing great with academic concepts and interacting with others. 

The Directors have been flexible in understanding my work-life situations. We communicate well and they are available at the facility. 

Additionally, I have worked with the Directors with professional youth development programs. In each case they have provided excellent mentor ship to high school age individuals interested in the childcare industry. 

I trust Tree of Life based on my personal and professional interactions with the organization as of 3/24/19. 

Matthew Drexel


Our two children, ages 3 & 5, have been going to Tree of Life for just over one year. My husband and I have been extremely pleased with the level of care, consistency, and ongoing education that they are receiving at Tree of Life.  Both of our kids amaze me on a day to day basis on the knowledge that they have obtained through their education at Tree of Life. I can honest say that when I leave them each day I do not have to worry about the care or education that they are receiving, which as a mother is absolutely priceless.  I would highly recommend Tree of Life to everyone!

 Emily Baker



Our daughter, Mia, has flourished at Tree of Life and we are so grateful for all the love they have shown her. They are her second family and provide her with the loving, caring, structured environment that she has needed to grow and learn. After trying two other daycares prior to Tree of Life, we could not imagine Mia with anyone else and are so happy they are a part of her life.

Hopefully this is helpful. Thank you all for all you do for Mia. 

Ryan and Nolie Templeton



Being a first time parent I was extremely nervous about dropping my son off at daycare. Since he’s been at Tree of Life I have noticed so much progress and growth. He always comes home with a smile reciting his colors and numbers. He makes sure that he has Wheels on the Bus and Baby Shark whenever he gets the chance. His teachers Mrs. Gina and Mrs. Guadalupe, along with the Directors Mrs. Sara and Mrs. Johanna treat him as one their own. I love how all the staff interact with the children. They show so much love and patience towards all the children in their care. They are like a second family and couldn’t imagine taking my son anywhere else.

Acacia Brown

Parents' Testimonials (video)

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