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Experience the joy of learning with Tree of Life Preschool Academy! Our pre-kindergarten program encourages children to grow and explore in an environment that makes them feel like royalty. All learning domains are incorporated into our curriculum to ensure your child gets the best education possible.

The Royals 

Pre-Kindergarten - 4 year olds 

I PreKindergarten Program  education provides a foundation for social and academic learning that will help your child succeed in school and life. The program is an  exciting jump start in school, you also have the assurance that your child is well cared for, is enjoying activities and making friends — and is building the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do well in Kindergarten. Children are often intensely interested in reading at an early age. Since reading is essential for future success in all other subjects, 


Tree of Life uses Zoo phonics to teach students to read. Rather than memorizing every word (using the whole word method, taught at many preschools), Children, using zoo phonics, learn how letter sounds blend together to form words.


The first three letters they learns are A. T.   What a child hears  first sounds out the word AT after learning just these two we add a third letter. B and you have Bat, C and you have CAT.  We then use every new letter to teach  them to read new words.    Many of our Prekindergarten are reading when they graduate from Tree of Life Preschool. As a result, students are confident in their reading abilities and are ready to tackle new subjects. 


Tree of life uses a tablet based learning software designed for children that meets Arizona state standards.   The  software program  has proven research backed  data and covers seven domains of learning to ensure children are well prepared for Kindergarten.    Their are 203 playbased experiences. that engage, instruct and monitors the children's growth.    The platform adapts to the child learning abilities and allows us to monitor learning progress to ensure children are ready for Kindergarten.   


The software is in English and Spanish,  The Software can be used in  the classroom or at home so children can move at their own pace.    

In addition to the software we balance on line learning with  hands-on learning experiences, such as writing, art, dramatic play, music, and life science. 

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