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About Our Ocean Classroom

Our Ocean classroom is our kindergarten classroom. By the end of kindergarten, our goal is to have each student academically ready for 1st grade. 

Ocean classroom vision: To be independent through the development of academic concepts and problem-solving skills. 

Language Arts | Reading and Phonics Goal:

  • To understand the upper and lowercase letters and sounds.

  • To recognize and make rhyming words.

  • To find and say the beginning, middle, and end sounds of one-syllable words.

  • To match long and short vowel sounds with the letters that go with them. 

  • To use letter sounds to make out new words.

  • Begin to write recognizable letters.

  • To write their name on their work. 

  • Begin to grasp that pictures and symbols represent real objects

  • Memorize address and phone numbers

Fluency Goal:

  • Read books at the proper grade level.

  • Read kindergarten sight words

  • Ask questions about who, what, when, where, and why.

  • Retell the story using details

  • Identify characters, settings and main idea

Vocabulary Goal:

  • To figure out what words mean by using context clues.

  • To use new words when speaking, and writing. 

Connections Goal:

  • To understand how two stories are the same or different. 

  • To understand how people, events, or ideas are connected

Writing Conversations Goal:

  • To Capitalize the first word in a sentence and the word "I". 

  • To understand and identify the punctuation at the end of a sentence. 

  • To build grammatically correct sentences.

  • To use drawings to help add details to a story.

  • To be able to identify mistakes in a sentence.

Social and Emotional Goal:

Friendship Development:

  • longer lasting engaged play with peers. 

  • Independently sharing and taking turns with peers.

  • Independently working on conflict resolution with peers.

Emotional Development:​

  • Independently state needs, wants, and feelings to peers and teachers. 

  • Understand empathy with peers. 

  • Can express thankfulness 

  • Begin to apply character/moral, stories/concepts to their life.

Verbal and audible Goal:

  • Able to follow basic instructions. 

  • Able to understand how to raise their hand and wait their turn to speak. 

  • Able to speak clearly and able to articulate.

  • Able to identify volume control in social settings. 

Math | Number Sense Goal:

  • Can count to 20

  • Can identify numbers up to 20

  • Can identify and start counting forward from any number. EX: start at 7 and end at 20

  • Can count backward from 10. 

  • Can count, read and write numbers up to 20

  • Can identify when a number is more or less. 

  • Simple addition and subtraction

  • Understand and identify number patterns

Color and Shape Goal:

  • Can identify colors

  • Can identify two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.

  • Can compare two shapes

  • Can classify objects and colors into categories 

Science Universe Goal:

  • Can identify the different seasons and make observations about them. Can identify the weather and describe patterns. 

  • Can explain plant and animal habitats. 

  • Can ask questions, make observations, and gather information about a subject

  • Can problem solve

  • Can analyze data in two ways to problem solve. 

  • Can identify sunlight vs darkness. 

  • Can understand the effects of sunlight. 

  • Can identify patterns within wildlife and plant life.

  • Can plan and conduct an experiment on how pushing and pulling changes motion

  • Can identify and describe changes in motion. 

Social Studies Democracy Goal:

  • Can identify reasons for making rules within the school.

  • Can discuss the concept of individual rights

  • Can describe the character traits or role models within family and peers. 

  • Can identify the countries flag

  • Can recite the pledge of allegiance

Government systems:

  • Can describe the roles and responsibilities of people in authority in families and groups


  • Can create a personal history

  • Can compare families life, present, and past

  • Can identify and describe important figures in history. 


  • Can identify maps as representations of real places

  • Can read, construct, and use maps of familiar places. 

  • Can show the application of positional words to locations within the classroom. 

People and cultures:​

  • Can describe cultural characteristics of family and peers.

  • Can explain how to resolve disputes peacefully in class and on the playground. 

  • Can share culturally related stories about their families. 

  • Can identify other cultures and traditions

Physical Goal:

  • Can sit for 15 - 30 mins while working on activities

  • Greater accuracy with scissors and writing utensils

  • Greater awareness of personal space

  • Can dress independently

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