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Safety & Services

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We at Tree of Life Preschool Academy are committed to our children’s health. We recognize the importance of staff as positive role models and supporters for children as they learn to live healthy lives. Research has indicated that the child care setting is a strong predictor of young children’s physical activity levels and likelihood to model healthy habits.


Our staff is carefully selected, trained and evaluated. Each staff member receives annual training hours and continuing education, required by the State of Arizona licensing rules. Part of these trainings also include trainings in nutritional meals, and early childhood education best practices.

At Tree of Life Preschool Academy we serve children ages 2 years through 5 years of age.

We work on their academic and learning skills as well as in their Social emotional skills, which are the strongest pillars through their early development.

Parental Access to Premises


Because we understand the importance of parental involvement at Tree of Life we have a "door open policy". Parents can stop by at any time.

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We welcome our families to come and be a part of the programmatic activities and daily events. Volunteer work is always appreciated.



Our heroes are truly one-of-a-kind. We also want to help your little heroes-in-training. Here, all military families receiving assistance from Child Care Aware® of America and the USDA Child Care Subsidy are more than welcome. That’s because respecting military families is a value that we take great pride in. You can count on us to make sure your little one gets the best care and best education possible.

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