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Come explore the Tree of Life Preschool Academy, where young minds can blossom and discover the world around them! Our Early Learners Preschool classroom provides two and three-year-olds with the perfect environment to explore, experiment, socialize, and learn. Journey with us and watch your child grow

Early Preschool Classroom 3 years  - Theme the Zoo 

The Early Preschool program is for children who will turn 3 by September 1. 

We offer a robust academic curriculum that fosters a wide variety of activities in all areas of development. Children will learn about geography, topography, seasons, and animal habitats as they create new worlds and explore interactive environments utilizing our Technology Augmented Sandbox. 

Our curriculum will challenge your early learner in areas such as literacy,  math, and science. music and gross motor skills and more.  Utilizing our interactive projected technology brings new excitement to the classroom that aligns with Arizona's common core Preschool standards.


Social skills are still a primary consideration when planning for this group. Children are encouraged to work through conflicts and emotions using words instead of actions. As the children grow and gain more independence and language skills, teachers work to provide activities that will foster social skills and self-confidence. 


Developing the child’s social skills continues throughout the preschool years. However, 3's is where we start teaching this vital life skill. 

Tree of Life Preschool offers 2’s the opportunity to enter 3’s Program. This group is designed for potty-trained children who are ready for group structure.

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