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Urban Garden


At Tree of Life Preschool Academy, we believe in providing a nurturing environment where three and four year olds can learn, play, and grow. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping your child reach their fullest potential. Join us today and watch your child bloom


Theme The Garden 

Preschool Classroom 3 and 4-year-olds       

The Preschool program is for children who will turn three by September 1. 

Children in this program are introduced to art, literacy, math, and science concepts through hands-on play activities. We also present them to the Educational Digital Smartscreen utilized during circle time. And in small groups.   The teacher plays an active role in the Smartscreen software, which is loaded with hands-on, engaging, and developmentally appropriate content, enabling teachers to foster collaborative learning experiences! With research-based learning built to promote growth and development across seven domains.    The curriculum is Head Start-approved and meets the Arizona Core knowledge standards. 

Integrated technology is essential to the world, and balance is the key. We use technology in rotation with other learning tools such as writing, play, gardening, books., dramatic play, blocks, manipulatives, and Life Science (gardening) to allow early learners self-expression without replacing other classroom learning materials. 

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