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About Us

Who we are and what we do:


Tree of Life Preschool Academy is:

  • 3 stars rated program with Quality First, First Things First

  • Part of the Child and Adult Food Program Service (CACFP)

  • Part of Department of Economic Security, Childcare services branch (DES)

  • Licensed with Department of Health Services (DHS)

  • Provides classroom assistance to teachers and students with supporting agencies such as: Smart Support, Inclusion, Quality First.

  • Assigned Nurse consultant through First Things First.

Tree of Life Preschool Academy offers several opportunities of growth and development to its students and community members in the South Mountain Area. 


WListed below are some of the many services we offer as a program:



  • Tree of Life Preschool Academy offers scholarships to South Mountain Community college, which support the parents (SMCC students)while they are at school or studying, they are given the opportunity to bring their children (ages 2-5) to our preschool program.

  • As funds have allowed us- if we have scholarships available outside the South mountain community college ones, we are able to extend extra funds to benefit those students who missed the cut off and did not get a portion of the SMCC scholarships.


Internship Program:

  • Our program opens the doors to students from the Maricopa Community colleges to come and do their observations or practicum. Students are required to bring paperwork to support their practicum experience, e.g.: current fingerprint card, class syllabus, letter of intent (of provided by college professor).

Work Study:

  • Tree of Life Preschool Academy receives 3 work study students from South Mountain Community college per college semester.

Bridge to support Early Childhood Education study opportunities:

  • As Tree of Life Preschool Academy is an active participant of the Arizona Registry, we can support students who would like to further their education in the Early Childhood Education Field, through a scholarship system offered by this agency.

Annual Free health care screenings to all students:

  •  Hearing and Vision screening onsite, through “The Ear Foundation”

  •  Dental Screening through First Teeth First.


Annual Developmental Screenings

. We use our ASQ and ASQ-SE developmental screenings to make sure students are meeting their developmental milestones and refer them to different agencies to support their integral development of there is a need to do so.

* This is an equal opportunity employer.

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